The Internet: Good or Bad?

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In our first two readings, Nicholas Carr and George Ulmer approach the Internet and digital media in two distinct ways. Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” approaches the Internet and its advantages with skepticism because he fears that the Internet “is chipping away…[his] capacity for concentration and contemplation.” I tend to agree that the Internet has changed my way of research, since I know that I can find information quicker and in more simplified terms scanning the Internet than I can scanning the library books. By becoming accustomed to the rapidly buzzing, whizzing, and whirling of the information transmitted over the Internet, I tend to also buzz and whiz around quickly, rarely stopping to slow down and dig deeper. A disadvantage of the Internet may reveal itself in readers becoming easily distracted while reading higher levels of texts, as I did while reading Ulmer’s “Introduction: Electracy.”

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A Little About Me

Hi I’m Evan Talbert, a sophomore communications major here at Furman University. I’m starting this blog to share with you some of my experiences on campus, specifically those experiences dealing with digital media. I’m currently enrolled in a Digital Communications course, so I will be sharing some methods of editing and enhancing one’s experience with different forms of digital media.

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