Adam Levine’s Latest Romantic Stunt

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If you’re like me, seeing this picture of Adam Levine and supermodel wife Behati Prinsloo might make you cringe with jealousy. Watching The Voice just won’t be the same now that the darkly handsome superstar is hitched. Of course, he dated his fair share of supermodels before finally settling down with Prinsloo, but who’s counting.

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Simplicity and Style

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Think about your expectations when reading a newspaper. Usually, you read an article in a newspaper to gain straightforward information and rarely expect to find intriguing visual elements other than the occasional picture. With blogs and websites, however, users automatically expect a higher level of interactivity and visual appeal. Today’s readings, from Brian Carroll’s Writing for Digital Media, discuss possible ways to encourage this kind of document design needed in the online media world.

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“I Blog, Therefore I Am”

Live Blogging

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The Latin “Blogito, Ergo Sum,” is the title of chapter seven of Brian Carroll’s book, Writing for Digital Media. When translated, this title means “I blog, therefore I am,” an obvious play on Rene Descarte’s similar famous words “I think, therefore I am.” In this chapter, Carroll intrigues readers with his depictions of the way blogs can enhance human identity and establish important connections. He provides many insights into the world of blogging, complete with a brief history of blogging, his take on bloggers as journalists, and various types of blogging.

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Am I a Blogger or a Journalist? (Or Both?)

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Bloggers seem to be having an identity crisis. Are they journalists? Are they diary-keepers? Are they both? 

With the rise in popularity of blogging and of social media networks, scholars have begun to take the above questions into serious consideration. However, few, if any, can claim a to have a concrete answer. Jill Rettberg tackles these questions in chapter four of her book, Blogging, entitled “Citizen Journalists?” Her research reveals that a majority of bloggers do not view themselves as journalists, but that blogging and journalism certainly have a relationship.

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A Whole New World


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My first day on the job in the Marketing Department here on campus, my supervisor told me that our website would be undergoing a drastic change throughout the summer. I logged on to the Furman website for the first time, and immediate panic ensued. Suddenly, I was no longer entering mere words and punctuation marks. Instead, the page overflowed with p tags, breaks, and links, oh my! Website coding opened up an entirely new world I never previously knew to exist, and I was suddenly being swept along the flying carpet of that world amidst the hustle and bustle of the changing website.

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