A Day in the Life of a Worship Leader

Since I’m very involved in my church and I have a passion for music, I decided to learn what its like to be a worship leader at a church. Through this slideshow, I wanted to showcase all the different assets and creative processes that are involved in leading worship. The slideshow begins with a text to establish the topic, and texts are used throughout and in the end of the slideshow as transitions. I also focused my photos on a central figure (Austin) completing different tasks to provide consistency for my narrative! Check out my slideshow below to get a glimpse into the life of a worship leader!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Photo 1




I lightened the shadows heightened the contrasts to make the words stand out more in this picture. I also increased the saturation to draw attention to the pencil, which points to the word “song list,” the main point of this photograph.

Photo 2





In this photo, I darkened the highlights to draw attention away from the glares in the original picture and instead emphasize the names on the tape. I also heightened the contrasts and increased the saturation to make the colors on the tape and the blinking lights stand out even more. Finally, I added the buzz photo effect to create a sense of noise within the photo.

Photo 3





I wanted the highlighted verses and the surrounding writing to be eye catching in this photo, so I increased the shadows and contrasts by a large amount. This makes the writing and yellow highlighting stand out among the rest of the text.

Photo 4



First, i cropped the other guitar player out of this photo because he appears on drums in other pictures and I thought that could confuse viewers. I also increased the shadows and brightness to improve the lighting. Finally, I increased saturation to make the words on the screen depicting song lyrics to appear more salient.

Photo 5




In this picture, I wanted to create a sense of reflection, but also a sense of pondering the future. So, I combined the picture of Austin leaving the church, reflecting on what he has just accomplished, with a picture I took at a Hillsong concert. Austin thinking about Hillsong emphasizes how leading worship at a church is pushing him forward to pursuing a larger worship career in the future. The word Jesus is highlighted in the thought bubble because it signifies the importance of remaining focused on Jesus, whether it be leading worship in a church setting or for a large amount of people at a concert!

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