Making Changes (Pt. 2)

After learning more graphic design principles and hearing feedback from my classmates, I decided to make some style edits to my original business cards to make them more visually appealing and balanced!

Personal Card BusinessCard(2edited)




I left the front of my personal card untouched, because I think I liked the overall balance and contrasts between the thought bubbles and the bold pink, white, and black colors. However, I changed the formatting of the back of my card to appear more simple and focused. I shifted the thought bubble on the back up and decreased the size, leaving only “I’m Evan” in the thought bubble. I centered the rest of my contact information in the middle of the card and bolded the font to grab attention quickly. I left my URL at the bottom of the page, but discarded the “www” and left this font unbolded because I didn’t think it needed to have as much value as my primary contact information.

Traditional Card





I also made some visual changes to my more traditional card. On the front, I simply bolded “Furman University” to give it equal weight to “web marketing intern.” When editing the back, I realized that I needed that the indicators “email” and “phone” were already implied by the information itself. I then changed this contact info to match the font of Furman University on the front to draw more attention to this info. I also thought it contrasted better with the simple black lines. Finally, I also deleted the “www” from my blog url since it was unnecessary. Until next blog, Evan


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