Business Cards

This week we designed business cards for ourselves. Our personal card could contain more whimsical and artsy elements, while our professional card required a more traditional look. For inspiration, I looked to Pinterest and modeled my cards after combinations of designs I liked.

Personal Card

I chose to use hot pink, black, white, and shades of grey because I thought the neutral colors kept the design simple while the pink provided a contrasting pop of color! I wanted to incorporate different bubbles and icons into the design because it is not only eye catching, but also consistent with my possible future job as a social media specialist. I picked Ostrich Sans for my Sans Serif Font and Renzo for my Serif font.




Professional Card

I chose to design my professional card as simply and as cleanly as possible. I modeled this card after my current job in the Marketing Department on campus. I used mostly neutrals (black and white), but decided to add a shade of purple for a pop of color and some Furman spirit. I chose Basic Title for my Sans Serif font and Dancing Script OT for my Serif font.



professionalcardback(1)Until next blog,



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