Adam Levine’s Latest Romantic Stunt

Adam Levine and WifeImage via

If you’re like me, seeing this picture of Adam Levine and supermodel wife Behati Prinsloo might make you cringe with jealousy. Watching The Voice just won’t be the same now that the darkly handsome superstar is hitched. Of course, he dated his fair share of supermodels before finally settling down with Prinsloo, but who’s counting.

Some critics are trying to convince us girls that Adam Levine shouldn’t have been named “Sexiest Man Alive” last year. They say we are falling into the trap of Levine’s false charm, but who can blame us when a guy has good looks, good talent, and (some) decency? I’m guessing these so- called Levine critics are just jealous, less attractive guys. Surely they can’t have a valid point.

Levine’s latest romantic stunt will have you falling even more head over heels for him. He and the rest of his band, Maroon 5, recently released a video for their latest hit “Animals.” The video features Levine, wearing dark glasses and a sketchy hoody, stalking, his real-life wife. Yes, stalking.

The video builds with added elements of romance, depicting Levine half naked surrounded by bloody carcasses. He then continues to follow Prinsloo, a stranger in the video, and begins to photograph and videotape her. The video ends with a (literally) bloody fantasy of Levine’s, and trust me, the video leaves nothing to the viewer’s imagination.

Adam Levine Animal

Levine and Prinsloo post-video

Image via

Normally, the concept behind this song and video would appear disturbing to most people, since it implicitly encourages degradation and violence against women. Not to mention men appear as animalistic creatures who can’t help their creepish behavior. But with Adam Levine as the singer of this song, the video becomes inspiring “art” and all is well, right?

Wrong. All is NOT well. With stalking and rape cases appearing every day in the news, celebrities need to be careful about the subliminal messages they can be sending. Just this past month, heartbreaking stories have emerged of teenage women like Hannah Graham going missing, likely because of a stalking or kidnapping incident.

While I doubt that Levine actually encourages this kind of behavior, celebrities who endorse and create these kinds of videos send a discouraging message to those people committed to prevent rape, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking like LOVE 146 and Stalking Awareness Month. Levine hasn’t responded to the backlash against his latest video, who knows if he even will.

So, yes, I still say Levine is rather attractive. I’m not convinced he’s a stalker. But, the “Animals” video went too far. Nothing’s a turn off like women degradation and dead animals. Ew.

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