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Reading chapters from Zinsser’s On Writing Well has opened my eyes to my weaknesses in writing. I write as an academic student, not as a person. I can’t continue to let the academic aspect of my life define my voice. The academic part of my life is just that. A part, not a whole. Throughout my time in Digital Communications, I want to learn how to develop my voice and use it confidently.

My voice as a writer

Before I can use my voice, I need to clearly define what I envision my voice being. I’m still in the midst of determining this, but I hope to incorporate the following qualities:

  • Relatable
  • Light
  • Inspirational
  • Concise
  • Courageous

Some key personality traits

  • Encouraging
  • Passionate
  • Social
  • Persistent
  • Confident

How can I present myself through voice?

I believe I can integrate my personality traits with my voice as a writer by transforming the way I write. I want to write in a similar way that I speak, rather than in a tone of my academic essays. By doing this I can incorporate my social personality into my writing and appear more relatable to readers. By showing a passion for what I’m writing, I hope it will also seem more inspirational to readers. Nobody gets excited about something they are reading if the author isn’t excited!

A blogger who inspires me

Annie Williamson blogs about her faith, her family, and her day-to-day life. I find myself reading her blogs frequently because of her humble and honest tone with all of her readers. Her style makes it evident that she has a true passion for what she is saying. Each blog entry is different, but most center around the theme of living intentionally. I admire her commitment to active living because I share the same goals!

A defining experience


In high school, I was THAT girl. The girl who became a member, and usually an officer, of almost every club at school. The girl who got to school events early and stayed late. The girl who aimed for perfect grades and settled for no less. The girl who got WAY too excited about spirit week and an almost always losing football team.

When it came time for me to graduate, I felt ecstatic because I had been chosen to speak at graduation, the culmination of my efforts and overachievement. Truthfully, this experience propelled me towards wanting to pursue a degree in communication studies because I enjoyed speaking in front of others so much! I had confidence that when I got to college, I could continue these habits and rise to the top of my class.

Coming to Furman, reality hit. My confidence disappeared as I realized that I was no longer smarter or more involved than anyone else on campus. Many of us were scholars. Others were student body presidents. Some were both. Suddenly I was the small town Greenville girl in the midst of the pressure-filled Furman bubble.

Fortunately, the beginning of my college career humbled me and allowed me to look at my life from a new perspective. I realized that I didn’t need to be THAT girl anymore. I just needed to discern what my true passions were and follow them wholeheartedly. Pursuing a communication degree and becoming involved in local faith-based groups have given me the perfect outlet to do that. I don’t need to be THE best, I need to be MY best.

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