A Little About Me

Hi I’m Evan Talbert, a sophomore communications major here at Furman University. I’m starting this blog to share with you some of my experiences on campus, specifically those experiences dealing with digital media. I’m currently enrolled in a Digital Communications course, so I will be sharing some methods of editing and enhancing one’s experience with different forms of digital media.

I’ve been interested in communications for a long time now, beginning when I was a little kid and my family instantly noticed that I was what they’d call “a talker.” However, as I began to grow up I noticed that my passion for communications did not have roots in my mere love of talking. I enjoy speaking in front of people and feel at home in front of a camera, but I also feel accomplished knowing that I’ve created a message that is successfully understood and received by others. That being said, I’m not entirely sure where I want to go with my communications degree or where I’ll go after graduation. However, I’m currently interested in going into the field of marketing or advertisement. Working in the Marketing Department on campus has shown me the benefits and enjoyments of working in these fields.

I hope to gain an even clearer focus of how I’d like to use my communications degree while taking this class. I’m also aiming to broaden my skill set and I’d specifically like to learn more about video editing and blog writing style.

As I learn more about means of digital communication, I will display my new skills by blogging about and creating projects exploring two of my interests; Shriners Hospital for Children in Greenville and photo editing in magazines. I’ve been involved with Shriners since high school and I think they have a powerful and inspirational story to tell about how they help children on a daily basis. I think digital media will provide a perfect outlet to tell that story.

In addition, I’ve become interested in the process of photo editing in magazines. The recent rise in ad campaigns against retouching photos, such as those by Dove and Aerie, has inspired me to research more on this controversial topic.

Below are some questions I’d like to address as the semester begins:

What is digital media?

Digital media, at first glance, would appear to be the methods of communication with computers or the Internet. However, Dr. Richard Smith implies in his article “What is Digital Media?” that digital media contains a sense of uniqueness because it allows users to not only send messages, but also to respond to them. Furthermore, he explains that digital media allows users to quickly collaborate.

How does the internet work? 

The Internet uses hardware to transmit information between networks.

What are your favorite types of media?

I’m interested in various types of media, but I particularly enjoy reading books, listening to recorded music, and browsing the Internet. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I generally also prefer Instagram to Twitter and Facebook.

As technology has advanced, my media preferences have shifted. I used to regularly purchase magazines and read them cover to cover. However, with the rise in popularity of product-based sites like Pinterest and blogging sites such as hercampus.com, I’ve stopped purchasing magazines. I also rarely watch live TV now since I can easily watch shows or movies online with Netflix.

What do you think the digital landscape will look like in 10 years, and how will you contribute to what that model looks like? 

I picture digital media expanding even more within the next 10 years. I think that digital media will continue to become more integrated into our everyday life with the use of smartphones. I’m relatively confident that a new social network will be introduced to the public that combines the advantages of Facebook and Twitter. My goal is to be a part of the ever evolving process of digital media. I would love to be assisting a company such as Madison Square Gardens or a nonprofit in enhancing their marketing strategies through digital media!

Until next blog,



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